If the infestation is too extensive for a local treatment, then fumigation should be considered.  Fumigations will eradicate the entire drywood termite infestation.  The gas will be circulated throughout the structure and penetrate all walls into the wood members.  The gas will circulate into areas that are inaccessible to inspections that may harbor additional termite infestations.  Fumigation is not limited to termite infestations.  A structure can also be fumigated for severe pest and rodent infestations. 

Fumigation 101:  Everything I Need To Know About Fumigations (Almost)

You can expect a fumigation to last about 3 days.  Occasionally, arrangements can be made to have it “cleared” on the second day, or even extend into 4 days.  Weekends and holidays may also affect the time line.

There are preparations that you must make prior to fumigating.  All this will be discussed with you by our inspector and/or office. 

Day One:                   

o    Fans are installed inside the structure to circulate the gas.
o    The structure is covered with fumigation tarps.
o    Warning signs are posted on each corner, seam, and doorway.
o    Doors are secured, but some windows may be open
o    Chlorpicrin (a tear gas/warning agent) and Vikane gas is released inside the structure.

Day Two:

o    The fumigation tarp is opened for ventilation.
o    Signs are posted on all windows and doorways.
o    The gas is aired out with the help of fans.
o    Doors are secured, but some windows may be left open.

Day Three:

o    The tarp is removed.
o    The structure is checked to assure that there are no pockets of gas remaining.
o    Doors are secured.
o    A sign is posted that “clears” the structure for re-entry.
o    You are now “cleared” to re-enter the structure.

Whether your fumigation needs are small, like the below San Diego Port District Friendship Bell, or large, like the Cal State University, Bakersfield fumigation, and the Los Angeles AFB building completed by a “tape and seal” method, also below, American Pest Control can satisfy all your fumigation and termite needs.
Friendship Bell, San Diego, CA.

Cal State University, Bakersfield, CA.


L.A. Airforce, Ft. McArthur
San Pedro, CA.
Bldg 425
, Measured 300’long, 95’wide, 55’ high

We offer an Annual Termite Policy that is designed to protect your house from serious termite infestations after the fumigation, whether we fumigated or another company fumigated.  We will re-inspect your home on an annual basis to minimize the chance of another infestation. 

Remember, termites will swarm from house to house even after fumigation.  The simple fact is that termites will re-infest structures.  Our Annual Termite Policy will help keep any re-infestations to a minimum.

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