Local Treatments for Drywood Termites

Local treatments are usually performed for one of the following reasons: 

1.    The infestation does not appear to extend into inaccessible areas. 
2.    If there are minimal infested areas that are accessible. 
3.    The homeowner simply prefers local treatments versus a recommended fumigation.

We provide for the following types of local treatments:

o    Drill and Treat:  Drill small holes into the infested wood, and then inject registered termiticide into the termite galleries.  The termiticide will follow the galleries, killing present termites.
o    Applying Tim-bor, a registered termiticide, onto bare, unpainted wood.  Tim-bor can be applied as a termite “pre-treat” to structures under construction, or after an infestation is discovered. 
o    As a “pre-treat”, you will not have to worry about fumigating in the future as the product is absorbed into the wood. 
o    Wood Replacement – Replace infested wood with new timber.

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