TrucksOrange oil is a marketing tool to play on people wanting to gogreen. Going green and having your termites taken care of with the least amount of toxic exposure is not a bad thing. We all want that, and most termite companies can provide that. The big advertisers of recent months may be charging consumers 200%, and more, for their orange oil then other companies would charge for their Green products while promising to eliminate all your termites. If you believe that, then you should stay away from all salesmen! Dozens of green products are either better or just as good as d-limonene (orange oil). All of them are only local treatments and have no transfer effect (except imidacloprid and fipronil), meaning they only kill what they touch. The wicking mentioned in the commercials is a huge exaggeration! Did you know there are many, many non-toxic or hardly toxic chemicals for eliminating termites? There are products containing thyme oils, rosemary oils, peppermint oils, wintergreen oils, mineral oils and borates.

"Never forget that local treatment (with any chemical) is not intended to be an entire structure treatment method and cannot be advertised as such. Infestations of wood destroying pests, which extend beyond the treated area, may not be eliminated."

American Pest Control suggest you look further into this type of Termite treatment before choosing this option. Orange Oil also has a heat flash point of 118 degrees. This is very low and can cause a fire if used in an attic and or closed space.  

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