Treatment for Drywood Termites


Termites - 8 2The drywood termite is a very serious pest, especially in Southern California.  You will know if you have drywood termites if you see small pellets, usually on windowsills, inside the garage, or in the attic.  Our inspector knows how and where to look to determine what type infestation you may have.  Drywood termites, as their name indicate, infest dry wood and do not require wood to soil contact.  A drywood termites lives in wood with a very low moisture level. 

A large swarm of drywood termites can devour one foot of wood in approximately four months.


The treatment procedures for drywood termites are completely different than subterranean termites.  The correct identification of the termite is critical for the proper termite control method.  Our licensed termite inspector will complete a thorough inspection, determine the type termite that has invaded your structure, and advise on the best control methods. 

There are two types of treatment methods we recommend for drywood termites:  The fumigation and the localized (or spot) treatment

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