Types of Termites

Termite identification is necessary in order to provide the correct type of treatment.

Termites can be divided into two types, subterranean and non-subterranean termites.  Subterranean termites live entirely underground.  They look for food by random foraging.  Non-subterranean termites are inside the structure itself, feeding off and living inside wood members.  

Subterranean termites normally swarm in the spring, but may also swarm after a rain followed by a sunny day.  Drywood termites usually swarm between August to November.  They will also swarm during hot temperatures.  When termites swarm, it is to establish new colonies. 

Non-subterranean termites are dampwood and drywood termites.  Dampwood termites live in moist wood.  In San Diego, we usually find drywood termites. 

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