Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?


Bed bugs are typically found near the host, although they will travel up to 20 feet to their host. Bed bugs, or evidence of  bed bugs, are often found around mattrresse beading, between the mattress and box spring, or under the box spring fabric.  They can also be in cracks of the headboard, footboard, or frame.

Bed bugs will also infest storage boxes or clutter that is around or under beds, like  shoeboxes and storage boxes. They can also be found in nightstands, baseboards, under carpeting, behind pictures, dresser drawers, furniture, behind molding, etc.   

Bed bugs may also hide in toys, slippers, clothing, door hinges, behind electrical plates, in curtains, behind peeled wall paper, in electronics, bedframes, in blankets, in phones, in lamps, stored paper items, purses, chairs, couches,  In short, bed bugs can hide anywhere.

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